The Ten Laws of Power

Power is central to our real nature, and essential to any kind of happiness, peace or fulfillment in life—but it is one of the most misunderstood concepts in inner development. What we seek here is the opposite of external power or status, or the false bravado or fake promises on every every TV commercial. Real power is our birthright. It is the landscape and geography of Essence. It is who we are before we become entangled, distanced from our true self.
Once we understand Code 1, our very first job is to understand Power, Loss and Shadow. In the accompanying book, the Ten Laws of Power are explained and illustrated with real life examples, and especially using our modern cultural mythology—the movies. In this way, a very precise and practical understanding of our true strengths and inherent powers can be gained, as a first step to accessing our authentic self.


Loss is the state of affairs when we are disconnected from our inherent power, our inner strengths. This happens for so many reasons, including psychological trauma, doubt, modeling the “lost” people around us, including parents, teachers and peers, and living in a culture of Loss. After all, with Loss, it would be very hard for those in Shadow to manipulate and control others. Loss is actually the basis of all psychological suffering, in all its different forms and permutations, pervading human life. And society fosters many levels of chronic Loss, both generally and individually, to keep us buying, and to promote conformity.

Understanding Loss is the beginning of the end of all these negative emotional states and a the first step in a return to Power. In the Ten Laws of Loss, we examine these principles and how they deeply effect daily life.


Our natural, original state is Power; Disconnected from this we experience Loss; Not knowing how to get back to Power, one may generate a kind of false and negative substitute: Shadow. Avoiding the false feelings of pain and deficiency, in this distorted world Warrior becomes Bully, Leader becomes Dictator and Lover becomes Manipulator, and Guru becomes Charlatan. All harmful and even addictive behaviors have the basis in Shadow, which, like Loss and Power, come in five “flavors.” Knowing these 3 sets of possibilities, we have an incredible lens to see ourselves and others accurately.

In the Ten Laws of Shadow, we learn how we have been victimized by Shadow, and how we can prevent and protect ourselves. We also see who Shadow creeps in to our own psyche, and how it can be stopped on the spot before it begins its damage. And we find out how close Power really is, the ultimate cure for chronic Loss and Shadow both.